Delivering HealthSMART —Victoria's whole-of-health ICT strategy

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Tabled: 16 April 2008

In 2003 the Department of Human Services established the Office of Health Information Systems to deliver the HealthSMART program. HealthSMART is due for completion in June 2009. The program is large and complex, involving health services, rural information and communication technology (ICT) alliances and community-based health providers across Victoria.

The program aims to replace obsolete and unsupported applications within health care agencies, with capable, industry standard products. It plans to introduce new systems able to support the transformation of healthcare. At the same time, agency ICT infrastructure will be refreshed and developed.

The audit examined: the extent of achievement of implementation, milestones and budgeted costs; the extent of realisation of the expected benefits as set out in the ICT strategy; the effectiveness of overall monitoring and review of the program; the soundness of controls in place to assure the probity of procurement processes.







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