Taking Action on Problem Gambling

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Tabled: 28 July 2010

This audit examined the effectiveness of the strategy Taking Action on Problem Gambling in reducing problem gambling and gambling-related harm.

The audit found that the Department of Justice (DOJ) appropriately structured its strategy around public health approaches, however, there was little or no evidence to suggest that the initiatives contained in the strategy would be effective.

As a result it was imperative that DOJ be able to assess the effectiveness of the strategy and its initiatives. However, the performance management system DOJ uses does not provide progressive assessment of the strategy’s performance. Furthermore DOJ’s evaluation of the strategy has been compromised with problems in its development and implementation.

DOJ and the Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation have discharged their responsibilities in implementing the strategy adequately. This could have been strengthened in some areas including initiatives aimed at encouraging a more responsible gambling industry, supporting decision making on whether to agree to an increase in the number of electronic gaming machines in communities, and training of gaming venue staff.  







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