Road Safety Camera Program

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Tabled: 31 August 2011

This audit examined whether the road safety camera program is effective. It assessed whether:

  • there is a sound rationale for the program
  • cameras are sited for road safety outcomes
  • the camera system is accurate
  • infringements issued from the system are valid
  • public communications about the program are effective.

The road safety camera program is effective. It is well-supported by evidence that clearly demonstrates that cameras improve road safety and reduce road trauma. Siting of cameras is based on road safety outcomes, not to raise revenue. To enhance the program, aspects of it could be further evaluated, including the effectiveness of fixed and point-to-point cameras, and whether the current approach for deploying mobile cameras is optimising outcomes.

The processes and controls over the camera system provide a high level of confidence in the reliability and accuracy of the system in measuring speed and detecting red-light running. Greater assurance about the accuracy of mobile cameras could be gained through independent testing under actual conditions. Police discretionary enforcement thresholds and other features of the program provide a high level of confidence that infringements are valid.

Despite the strong rationale for the program and the high level of integrity of its systems, public concern about the program persists. This has placed its ongoing legitimacy at risk. During the audit, the Department of Justice developed a communication strategy to address these concerns. The Department of Justice will evaluate this to determine whether it has been effective in aligning public understanding with the evidence supporting the program and its road safety benefits.







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