Compliance with Building Permits

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Tabled: 7 December 2011

Victoria’s building industry is a significant component of the state’s economy, employing almost seven per cent of the work force and generating over $24 billion in domestic and commercial building work in 201011. The audit examined how effective the building permit system is in providing assurance that approved building works meet the required building and safety standards. Specifically, the audit examined how effectively the Building Commission regulates the activities of municipal and private building surveyors and councils enforce compliance with building permits within their municipalities.

The audit found the Building Commission cannot demonstrate that the building permit system is working effectively or that building surveyors are effectively discharging their role to uphold and enforce minimum building and safety standards.

Ninety-six per cent of permits examined did not comply with minimum statutory building and safety standards. Instead, our results have revealed a system marked by confusion and inadequate practice, including lack of transparency and accountability for decisions made.

In the absence of leadership, guidance and rigorous scrutiny from the commission, councils have adopted a largely reactive approach to enforcing the Building Act 1993 that offers little assurance of compliance within their municipalities.

Consequently, there is little assurance that surveyors are carrying out their work competently, that the Building Act 1993 is being complied with, and the risk of injury or damage to any person is being minimised.







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