Performance Reporting by Local Government

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Tabled: 18 April 2012

Councils invest significant resources each year in the delivery of a range of services to their communities. Effective performance reporting is essential for assuring councils are accountable to local residents and ratepayers, and for demonstrating value-for-money, achievement of objectives and the delivery of good quality services. Our 2008 audit of Performance Reporting in Local Government found that, for most councils, reporting had limited relevance to ratepayers because it lacked information about outcomes, achievement of objectives and service quality.

This audit assessed the effectiveness of existing local government reporting arrangements and the adequacy of associated reform initiatives. It found that council performance reporting remains inadequate, focused on inputs and operating activites, thereby offering little insight into the impact of services and the achievement of objectives. Some improvements were evident since 2008, but reporting has not sufficiently progressed to satisfy the information needs of residents and ratepayers, or drive continuous improvement within councils. Ongoing performance challenges in the sector indicate that work on a statewide performance reporting framework should continue.







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