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Effectiveness of Compliance Activities:

Departments of Primary Industries and Sustainability and Environment 

Tabled: 24 October 2012

The audit examined how effectively and efficiently the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) and the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) conduct their compliance activities under environment, natural resources and primary industries legislation. DPI has compliance responsibilities under 45 Acts of Parliament and DSE, under 16 Acts.

Neither DPI nor DSE has a comprehensive whole-of-organisation, risk-based approach to managing, monitoring or reporting on their compliance responsibilities and performance. As a consequence, neither department can be sure that its compliance activities contribute to protecting natural resources, primary industries and the environment as the legislation intended. DSE's deficiencies are substantial and require a concerted effort to address them. These include a lack of the accountability, oversight and risk-based compliance planning needed to drive a robust and consistent approach across the department.

Both departments have started making changes to address the issues identified by the audit.







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