Using ICT to Improve Traffic Management

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Tabled: 11 June 2014

Traffic congestion is a serious and growing issue for Victorian businesses and individuals. As the state’s economy and population grows, traffic congestion is expected to increase, particularly in Melbourne.

This audit assessed VicRoads’ use of ICT traffic management systems to improve traffic flow on Melbourne’s arterial roads and freeways. The audit found that there is no clear strategy or coordinated plan to leverage ICT systems to complement transport and land use initiatives.

The audit also found that although VicRoads has put ICT traffic management systems to good use on a day-to-day basis, it has not strategically deployed these systems to more effectively manage traffic flow.

Traffic signal reviews are one example of a cost-effective tool available to VicRoads to optimise the efficiency of deployed intelligent transport systems, but they are declining in number and frequency, even though international research shows that they can provide substantial positive outcomes when compared to costs.

Finally, public transport tracking systems are obsolete and lack effective interfacing with road traffic signals, which means that tram and bus priority is not always provided when required. This runs counter to the SmartRoads policy intention to provide prioritisation for higher capacity vehicles on the metropolitan road network.









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Audit Team

Paul O’Connor
Sector Director

Elsie Alcordo

Team Leader

Kate Day

Senior Analyst

Annie Skelton


Reece Jones


Steven Vlahos

Engagement Quality Control Reviewer




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