Prisoner Transportation

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Tabled: 11 June 2014

In Victoria, there is a minimum of 58 000 prisoner movements per year. Prisoners need to be moved for a range of reasons—including being transported for medical treatment and to attend court.

The audit focused on how effectively, efficiently and economically prisoners have been transported throughout Victoria’s criminal justice system. It looked at the movement of prisoners by Corrections Victoria, Victoria Police and a prisoner transport contractor, and the extent to which outsourced prisoner transport services have supported effective service delivery.

The audit found a lack of overarching and coordinated oversight of prisoner transportation. Governance and risk management processes do not cover the full movement of prisoners within the justice system, but instead focus on each area separately and in isolation from each other. It found that the full cost of prisoner transportation is not known and that current arrangements do not drive efficiencies.

Neither Corrections Victoria nor Victoria Police collects information about the total number and cost of prisoner movements across the justice system, which means they cannot assess whether current contractual arrangements are minimising the cost and maximising the efficiency of prisoner transportation.

The audit identified some initiatives in place which are designed to improve the efficiency of the system. However, the audit also identified opportunities to improve service delivery outcomes specifically related to prisoner separation and the timely delivery of prisoners.







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Audit Team

Michele Lonsdale
Sector Director

Sally-Anne Pitt

Team Leader

Aina Anisimova


Chris Sheard

Engagement Quality Control Reviewer












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