Managing Consultants and Contractors

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Tabled: 12 June 2014

This audit examined how effectively selected government departments (the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, the Department of Environment and Primary Industries, the Department of Justice and the Department of Treasury and Finance) are managing advisory engagements that help them inform government decisions. It also assessed oversight arrangements applying to these procurement processes, and outcomes and monitoring of consultancy savings targets set by government.

The audit found that departments largely followed the Victorian Government Procurement Board's (VGPB) specific, mandated requirements for engagements of their size and complexity. However, the documentary evidence falls well short of demonstrating that these engagements achieved VGPB's goals of value for money and process integrity.

There are also significant gaps in the way individual departments and DTF, in its whole-of-government role, oversee procurement.

The early evidence suggests that procurement reform is an opportunity for departments to transform the way they govern and manage procurement and address the weaknesses identified in this report.









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Audit Team

Ray Winn
Sector Director

Nerillee Miller

Team Leader

Louise Gelling

Team member

Chris Sheard

Engagement Quality Control Reviewer



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