Additional School Costs for Families

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Tabled: 11 FEBRUARY 2015

Parent payments have become essential to the provision of free instruction in government schools. In 2013–14, Victorian government schools received
$626 million from parents and other locally generated funds.

While schools are autonomous and responsible for managing their own parent payment practices, the Department of Education and Training (DET) is responsible for supporting and guiding them. DET provides policy and guidance material designed to assist schools in achieving compliance and better practice but parts are confusing and many schools are not following them.

Under the devolved school model, there is a need for sound governance arrangements. However, DET does not oversee school compliance with the law and policy and has no oversight on what items and how much schools charge parents. Schools are consequently charging parents for items that should be free.
School principals point to the inadequacy of school funding as the cause of rising parent payments. DET does not know how much it costs to run a school and its funding model distributes money based on relative need, rather than actual need. DET is therefore poorly positioned to shape government funding decisions.

Appendix A. Victorian school funding explained information piece explains where the funding for education comes from and what it is used for.








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