Delivering Services to Citizens and Consumers via Devices of Personal Choice:
Phase 1 - Interim Report

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Tabled: 10 June 2015

This audit examined strategies for delivering services online via digital devices. Phase one of this audit specifically reviewed the Victorian Government ICT Governance Framework and the delivery of the Victorian Government Digital Strategy (Digital Strategy).

We found that a coordinated and effective whole-of-public-sector approach to digital service delivery has yet to be achieved due to weak strategic leadership and ownership of whole-of-public-sector ICT governance. This issue was further exacerbated by the ineffective coordination and implementation of the Digital Strategy, weak monitoring and accountability mechanisms and ineffective digital engagement to drive digital readiness.

Departments and agencies faced challenges and difficulties in consistently mapping and estimating the types, volumes and costs of service transactions, as part of efforts to transition them online. As a result of the 2014 change of government and January 2015 machinery-of-government changes, the ICT Governance Framework and associated strategies are in a state of change and currently under review.

Without comprehensive and urgent actions to address these governance arrangements and ownership issues, this instability will continue to undermine the establishment of any well-coordinated and integrated approach to delivering public services online effectively and efficiently.










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Audit team

Karen Phillips

Engagement Leader

Phillip Harris


Jeff Fang

Team Leader
Rue Maharaj

Engagement Quality Control Reviewer

Michael Herbert



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