Administration of Parole

Tabled: 10 February 2016

The audit examined whether parole is being administered effectively to achieve its intended outcomes. In particular, it examined the parole system in the wake of the reforms arising from the review of the parole system conducted by former High Court Justice Ian Callinan.

The audit found that the reforms appropriately responded to the Callinan review's recommendations, and that the operation of the parole system has improved. The Adult Parole Board is now better resourced and informed, and parole officers are better trained and supported.

However, shortcomings in the available data and insufficient performance monitoring in the past mean that it has been difficult to quantify the benefits of the parole system. It is important that the Department of Justice & Regulation (DJR) fully implements its parole reform evaluation framework so that these benefits can be better understood and any weaknesses can be identified. It is also important that DJR ensure that all systemic barriers preventing suitable prisoners from receiving parole are removed so that these prisoners can receive the full benefits of the parole system reforms.

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Audit team

Dallas Mischkulnig
Kristopher Waring

Engagement Leaders

Matthew Irons

Team Leader

Vicky Delgos

Engagement Quality Control Reviewer

Andrew Evans



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