Public Safety on Victoria's Train System

Tabled: 24 February 2016
Public transport services, and in particular trains, play a significant role in the community. Passengers should feel safe as they use these services regardless of the time of day or night. The protective services officers (PSO) program was established to reduce crime and improve perceptions of safety on Melbourne’s train system.

Perceptions of the safety of the metropolitan train system at night have improved since the start of the PSO program, but the extent to which this can be attributed to the presence of PSOs is unknown. It is also not possible to assess whether PSOs have had any impact on crime on the metropolitan train system.

Advice provided to government to support decisions on the establishment and deployment of the PSO program was comprehensive, however, performance monitoring has been limited. Victoria Police does not have an effective performance monitoring regime in place to support ongoing development or future advice on the program's efficiency or effectiveness.
Additionally, there is an opportunity to drive greater awareness of the presence of PSOs, further improving perceptions of safety and increasing patronage.

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