Digital Dashboard: Status Review of ICT Projects and Initiatives – Phase 2

Tabled: 9 March 2016

This audit is Phase 2 of the 2015 Digital Dashboard: Status Review of ICT Projects and Initiatives. It examined six information and communications technology (ICT) projects to determine if they were appropriately planned, managed and implemented in terms of time, cost, benefits realisation and governance.

The audit confirms that ICT projects continue to show poor planning and implementation with cost and scheduling overruns. While one of the six projects examined finished on schedule, none was or will be completed as initially budgeted. One project was terminated prior to system delivery, six years after its planned completion date and over twice its intended budget. Most of the projects examined faced significant challenges at various points during implementation.

Despite this, the audit saw some elements of better practice at the University of Melbourne and Yarra Valley Water which contributed to project completion.

Clearly defined governance arrangements do not necessarily guarantee a successful ICT project. Agencies should work on developing a robust culture of active governance at the senior management level to make informed decisions and to effectively engage with consultants and vendors.

The audit restates better practice elements from VAGO’s 2008 guide, Investing Smarter in Public Sector ICT, to assist agencies in delivering successful ICT projects.

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Audit team

Karen Phillips

Engagement Leader

Elsie Alcordo

Team Leader

Kate Day

Senior Analyst
Engagement Quality Control Reviewer

Tony Brown



Last updated on 31/08/2016