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Reports published in 201011

The following reports have been tabled in the Victorian State Parliament by the Auditor-General. They contain the findings of performance audits and audits of financial statements, as well as a report on the finances of the state. All reports are prepared under the authority of the Audit Act 1994.

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June 2011 
Municipal Solid Waste Management (2010–11:37)
Allocation of Electronic Gaming Machine Entitlements (2010–11:36)
Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative (2010–11:35)
Management of Major Road Projects (2010–11:34)
Indigenous Education Strategies for Government Schools (2010–11:33)
May 2011 
Early Childhood Development Services: Access and Quality (2010–11:32)
Tertiary Education and Other Entities: Results of the 2010 Audits (2010–11:31)
Revitalising Central Dandenong (2010–11:30)
Managing Student Safety (2010–11:29)
April 2011
Problem-Solving Approaches to Justice (2010–11:28)
Facilitating Renewable Energy Development  (2010–11:27)
March 2011
Effectiveness of Small Business Victoria’s Support Programs (2010–11:26)
Local Community Transport Services: the Transport Connections program (2010–11:25)
Managing Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Treatment Services (2010–11:24)
Environmental Management of Marine Protected Areas (2010–11:23)
February 2011
Construction of Police Stations and Courthouses (2010–11:22)
Motorcycle and Scooter Safety Programs (2010–11:21)
Effectiveness of Victims of Crime Programs (2010–11:20)
Acquittal Report: Results of the 2009–10 Audits (2010–11:19)
October 2010
Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (2010–11:18)
Restricting Environmental Flows during Water Shortages (2010–11:17)
Auditor-General's Report on the Annual Financial Report of the State of Victoria, 2009–10 (2010–11:16)
Security of Infrastructure Control Systems for Water and Transport (2010–11:15)
Management of the Freight Network (2010–11:14)
Access to Ambulance Services (2010–11:13)
The Department of Human Services’ Role in Emergency Recovery (2010–11:12)
Sustainable Management of Victoria's Groundwater Resources (2010–11:11)
Soil Health Management (2010–11:10)
September 2010
Management of Prison Accommodation Using Public Private Partnerships (2010–11:9)
Delivery of NURSE-ON-CALL (2010–11:8)
Sustainable Farm Families Program (2010–11:7) 
Business Continuity Management in Local Government (2010–11:6) 
Public Hospitals: Interim Results of the 2009–10 Audits (2010–11:5) 
August 2010
Water Entities: Interim Results of the 2009–10 Audits (2010–11:4) 
Local Government: Interim Results of the 2009–10 Audits (2010–11:3)
July 2010
Taking Action on Problem Gambling (2010–11:2)

Portfolio Departments: Interim Results of the 2009–10 Audits (2010–11:1)

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