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Reports published in 2008

The following reports were tabled in the Victorian State Parliament by the Auditor-General. They contain the findings of performance audits and audits of financial statements, as well as reports on the finances of the state. All reports were prepared under the authority of the Audit Act 1994.

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June 2008
Maintaining the State's Regional Arterial Road Network (2007–08:33)
The New Royal Women's Hospital-a public private partnership (2007–08:32)
Coordinating Services and Initiatives for Aboriginal People (2007–08:31)
Performance Reporting by Public Financial Corporations (2007–08:30)
Local Government Performance Reporting: Turning Principles into Practice (2007–08:29)
Services to Young Offenders (2007–08:28)
Performance Reporting in Local Government (2007–08:27)
Implementation of the Criminal Justice Enhancement Program (CJEP) (2007–08:26)
May 2008
Piping the System - incorporating the Wimmera-Mallee pipeline and the Goldfields Superpipe
Review of South East Water's Works Alliance Agreement (2007–08:24)
Results of Audits for Entities with other than 30 June 2007 Balance Dates (2007–08:23)
Project Rosetta (Streams 1 and 2) (2007–08:22)
Patient Safety in Public Hospitals (2007–08:21)
Planning Scheme Amendment: Assessment Checklist (2007–08:20)
Planning Permit Application: Assessment Checklist (2007–08:19)
Victoria's Planning Framework for Land Use and Development (2007–08:18)
April 2008
Delivering HealthSMART -Victoria's whole-of-health ICT strategy (2007–08:17)
Planning for Water Infrastructure in Victoria (2007–08:16)
March 2008
Records Management in the Victorian Public Sector (2007–08:15)
Accommodation for People with a Disability (2007–08:14)
February 2008
Agricultural Research Investment, Monitoring and Review (2007–08:13)
Local Government: Results of the 2006–07 audits (2007–08:12)
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