Better practice guides

Records Management Checklist March 2016

Public sector agencies can use this checklist to assess the administrative frameworks they use to manage their records, 
comply with records management standards, and identify areas for improvement. The checklist is designed to complement
and support 
the records management standards issued by the Public Record Office Victoria.

Information and Communications Technology Controls Guide February 2016

This guide can help public sector agencies identify areas for improvement in their ICT controls. It is designed to promote more robust practices and to enhance agencies' ICT control environments, which should address both internal and external threats
and risks. It complements the standards and guidelines Victorian public sector agencies must comply with.

Public Participation in Government Decision-making January 2015

This guide provides a framework for public sector agencies to use to help them design and conduct effective public participation exercises.

Investing Smarter in Public Sector ICT: Turning principles into practice (PDF) July 2008

This guide outlines general principles that can be applied by any agency investing in ICT projects. The principles are based on 
the complete ICT investment life cycle from the initial identification of a need, to carrying out a final review of the outcomes
of the investment.