Delivering Victoria's Big Housing Build


We plan to determine whether Victoria’s Big Housing Build is achieving intended outcomes to meet the housing needs of vulnerable Victorians.

Why this is important

The Big Housing Build is the state’s largest investment in social and affordable housing projects to date. The 2021–22 Budget allocated $5.3 billion to this project. 

In November 2020 the government announced that the Big Housing Build will: 

  • construct more than 12,000 new homes in metro and regional Victoria within 4 years
  • support around 10,000 jobs annually until 2024. 

This will potentially increase Victoria’s social housing supply by 10 per cent. 

The government set up Homes Victoria within DFFH to deliver the project. 

What we plan to examine

This is a reasonable assurance performance audit. 

We plan to conduct a series of performance engagements to: 

  • assess the effectiveness, efficiency and implementation of the Big Housing Build
  • review DFFH's progress in improving social housing outcomes.
Who we plan to examine

DFFH, including Homes Victoria



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