Delivering Victoria’s Big Housing Build

Financial Year: 2023-2024


We plan to determine whether Victoria’s Big Housing Build effectively meets the housing needs of vulnerable Victorians.

Why this is important

The Victorian Government is delivering the biggest infrastructure pipeline in the state’s history. The 2021–22 budget includes $144 billion of state capital projects that are commencing or underway. This includes Victoria’s Big Housing Build, its largest ever investment in social and affordable housing. The project will construct 12,000 new homes at a cost of $5.3 billion, increasing Victoria’s social housing supply by 10 per cent in 4 years.

DFFH has created Homes Victoria to deliver the Big Housing Build. DFFH is also working with the Victorian Planning Authority and local councils to accelerate approval processes. Government will partner with industry, community housing providers, local government and institutional investors to deliver the project.

Who we plan to examine

In this reasonable assurance performance audit, we propose to scope in DFFH (including Homes Victoria), the Victorian Planning Authority and a selection of local councils.



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