Our purpose

Providing assurance to Parliament

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Our vision

To be a catalyst
for continuous improvement in the accountability and performance of the public sector

Our values


Personal accountability



Outcome focused


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bullet point Emergency Response ICT Systems
bullet point Mental Health Strategies for the Justice System
bullet point Heatwave Management: Reducing the Risk to Public Health
bullet point Public Sector Performance Measurement and Reporting
bullet point Auditor-General's Report on the Annual Financial Report of the State of Victoria
bullet point Additional School Costs for Families
bullet point Effectiveness of Support for Local Government

For information on these and other upcoming reports refer to our audits in progress page or our annual plan.

Effectiveness of Catchment Management Authorities
Management and Oversight of the Caulfield
Racecourse Reserve
Managing Landfills
Access to Legal Aid
Managing the Environmental Impacts of Transport
picture of bus at train station Coordinating Public Transport
  Technical and Further Education Institutes: Results of the 2013 Audits
Impact of Increased Scrutiny of High Value High Risk Projects