Public sector perspectives

Budget independence for Victoria’s Independent Officers of Parliament (October 2022)

Victoria’s integrity agencies: Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission, Victorian Auditor-General’s Office and the Victorian Ombudsman, have come together to present an evidence based paper outlining the need for greater budgetary independence. The intention is to remove the politics from the debate, so that governments of whatever stripe cannot be accused, fairly or otherwise, of interfering with the independence of those agencies whose job it is to hold them to account.

Improving public sector financial reporting: Power of streamlining (April, 2021)

Does your organisation's financial report tell its story effectively? Streamlining can help an entity tell its story in a simple and concise manner while complying with relevant laws, regulations and accounting standards. This article provides you with practical tips and insights on how to approach and overcome some of the practical challenges of streamlining.

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