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Annual plan

Cover of our Annual Plan 2020-21

We prepare and table an annual plan before 30 June each year that sets out our work program and the resources we need to deliver the program. The annual plan is a key accountability mechanism that gives Parliament, the public sector and the Victorian community the opportunity to assess our goals and understand our audit priorities.

From 2017–18 onwards, we are using a three-year planning cycle for performance audits. This allows us to engage with our stakeholders well before our audits, and gives them plenty of time to prepare. We design our work program to be flexible and responsive, so we can direct our efforts to doing the right audits at the right time, and use our resources to make a difference in the community.

Annual Plan 2020–21


Annual plan archive


Tabling date

Annual Plan 2019–20 June 2019
Annual Plan 2018–19 June 2018
Annual Plan 2017–18 June 2017
Annual Plan 2016–17 (PDF) June 2016
Annual Plan 2015–16 (PDF) June 2015
Annual Plan 2014–15

– Volume one: Overview (PDF)
Volume two: Financial audit work program (PDF)
Volume three: Performance audit work program (PDF)
Volume four: Increasing the impact of audits (PDF)

June 2014
Annual Plan 2013–14 (PDF) June 2013
Annual Plan 2012–13 (PDF) May 2012
Annual Plan 2011–12 (PDF) May 2011
Annual Plan 2010–11 (PDF) May 2010
Annual Plan 2009–10 (PDF) May 2009
Annual Plan 2008–09 (PDF) May 2008
Annual Plan 2007–08 (PDF) June 2007