How we are accountable

We are accountable to the Victorian Parliament and to all Victorians for how efficiently and effectively we perform our auditing services and how economically we use public resources.

Public Accounts and Estimates Committee

We are accountable to the Victorian Parliament through the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee (PAEC). We must consult PAEC when we develop our annual plan and our annual budget. The annual plan outlines our proposed financial and performance audit work for the coming year.

We must also consult PAEC when we develop the objectives and scope for particular performance audits, including:

  • collaborative audits
  • audits that were not listed in our Annual Plan
  • when there has been a material change to the objectives or issues of an audit listed in our Annual Plan
  • ‘follow-the-dollar’ performance audits.

External audits

We are audited regularly by independent auditors that PAEC recommends. We are subject to yearly financial audits and three-yearly performance audits, which examine and report on the quality of our financial reporting and resource management.

Internal audits

We appointed our internal auditor for three years starting in 2015–16. Before the end of each financial year, our Audit and Risk Committee develops the internal audit plan for the coming year, listing the proposed reviews and when they will be carried out. Internal audit reviews assess the quality and performance of specific functions in our office, such as our:

  • Parliamentary reports
  • information technology controls
  • disaster recovery planning
  • procurement and accounts payable
  • recruitment and workforce planning
  • stakeholder engagement
  • quality review process.


VAGO’s staff interact with the public sector and the community. This contact can result in dissatisfaction and complaints about our staff, products or services. VAGO manages complaints according to our complaints framework.

Victorian Inspectorate

The Victorian Inspectorate is a key oversight body in Victoria’s new integrity system, with the power to scrutinise our activities. It can receive and investigate complaints made about us, and it can examine our use of our coercive powers and our compliance with record-keeping requirements.

Surveys, reviews and benchmarking

We engage an independent research company to survey:

  • Members of Parliament annually on how useful they find our reports and how satisfied they are with our work
  • audited agencies, including those directly involved in our audits, departmental secretaries and audit committee chairs.

We conduct process reviews of individual audits and send independent external reviewers a sample of our reports to assess their quality and readability. We also benchmark our performance against other audit offices in Australia.

Continuous improvement

We use the information from our surveys, reviews and internal audit processes to address issues arising from individual audits, identify trends and common themes, develop improvement projects and strategies, and monitor the effectiveness of current improvement projects.


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