Corporate publications

In line with our legislated obligations, we annually report on our performance, strategies and plans for the year ahead and beyond.


Cover of our Annual Report 2021–22

Cover of Our Strategic Plan 2022–2025

Annual Report 2021–22

Our annual report details our performance for the previous financial year.

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Our Strategic Plan 2022–2025

Our Strategic Plan 2022–2025 outlines our purpose, priorities, goals and objectives and what success looks like for VAGO.

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Gender Equality Action Plan 2022–2025

Cover of our Annual Plan 2022–23

Gender Equality Action Plan 2022–2025

Our Gender Equality Action Plan 2022–2025 outlines the commitments, strategies and actions that we will implement to meet our obligations under the Gender Equality Act 2020.

View our Gender Equality Action Plan 2022–2025 (PDF)

Annual Plan 2022–23

Our annual plan outlines our strategic audit themes and audit program for the coming financial year.

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Cover of our Transparency Report 2020–21

Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan cover

Transparency Report 2020–21

Our Transparency Report 2020–21 expands on our Annual Report 2020–21 by outlining our quality control system and how it applies to our audits.

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Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan

Our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan formalises our reconciliation goals and the actions we will take to achieve them.

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 Cover of our Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2019–22


Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2019–22

Our Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2019–22 outlines our commitment to be a diverse, fair and inclusive workplace.

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Fact sheets

Our fact sheets provide more information on our role, who we audit, why we audit and our audit services in an easy to download resource. To download a fact sheet, simply click on the link below.


About VAGO (PDF)

This fact sheet provides information about the Auditor-General and VAGO's work.

Our assurance services (PDF)

This fact sheet provides information about the nature and level of assurance that we provide to Parliament and public sector agencies through our work