Major Projects Performance

Major Projects Performance dashboard

This dashboard is a companion product for our Major Projects Performance report, which was tabled in Parliament on 22 September 2021.

This dashboard shows data relating to 110 major projects (with each worth $100 million or more) and shows how they are performing against expected scope, cost and time parameters. It also shows whether a project has a benefits management plan, and whether other key project processes have been followed.

The data for this dashboard was directly collected from 16 entities using a survey. The accuracy and completeness of this the data was formally attested to by the accountable officer (or their delegate) from the entity that filled in the survey.

The 110 projects were selected from the new or existing capital investments disclosed in the 2019–20 Budget Paper No. 4: State Capital Program (BP4) or the 2020–21 Budget Papers. Data in this dashboard is only valid at the attestation date recorded on individual project pages.

The data supporting this dashboard is available for download here or from within the data section of the dashboard.

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BP4 historical data dashboard

This dashboard collates information on major projects (>$100 million) disclosed in published from 2014–15 to 2021–22. The BP4 is published at the discretion of the government and is tabled in the Victorian Parliament as part of the State Budget Papers.

This historical data dashboard gives an overview of major projects in Victoria that were reported as new or existing in BP4 from 2014–15 to 2021–22. It also shows information about total estimated investment (TEI) and time changes that have occurred over time.

For the purpose of this dashboard, we define a major project as a capital project or program of works with a TEI of $100 million or more.

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