Updated 2024–25 State Budget dashboard

Each year, the government prepares Estimated Financial Statements (EFS) as part of its budget as required by the Financial Management Act 1994. This is often referred to as the State Budget. 

The purpose of the EFS is to set out the projected financial results for the Victorian General Government Sector (GGS) based on the government's stated and expected financial policies and assumptions.

The Audit Act 1994 requires the Auditor-General to conduct an assurance review of the EFS. The Auditor-General’s report is included in Budget Paper No. 5: Statement of Finances, Chapter 1 Estimated Financial Statements of the general government sector.

We prepared a dashboard as a companion product to the Auditor-General's Report on the Annual Financial Report of the State of Victoria: 2022–23 in November 2023. It brought together current and historical financial information for the GGS reported in past State Budgets and Annual Financial Reports of the State of Victoria.

We have updated this dashboard with the recent financial outcomes of the State Budget, tabled in Parliament on 7 May 2024.

This dashboard allows you to compare historical financial information with actual results and also see projected budget and forecast financial information based on the most recently tabled State Budget.

Data dashboard

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Interested in our report tabled in November 2023?

Our report provides Parliament with information that arose from our audit of the Annual Financial Report of the State of Victoria and relates to the effective and efficient management of public resources.

Our report was tabled in Parliament on 24 November 2023 and can be viewed here.