Interns and work experience

VAGO recognises that students need a hand getting professional experience so we are looking for people who are interested in registering for our internship and work experience programs. We can provide you with flexibility in the hours and duration of your placement.

We can provide you with opportunities to:

  • work in your field of study
  • gain experience working on VAGO projects
  • develop your skills and confidence
  • work with experts in their field
  • build professional networks
  • undertake on-the-job training.


VAGO is partnered with some Victorian universities and offers internships to provide students with credits towards specific subjects. If you are interested, please speak to your university first to find out if it is partnered with VAGO.

Work experience

Work experience provides secondary students with the opportunity to participate in a professional working environment and helps them to increase their awareness of the operations of government. Participants must be between 15 and 21 years old and a school student.

Register your interest with us by emailing

We want to know a little about you, so you will need to attach a cover letter and your curriculum vitae. Please indicate the type of work you want to do at VAGO, and we will look at your suitability and contact you if we can offer you a position.