Planning social housing


We plan to determine whether Homes Victoria plans for and delivers social housing to meet the needs of vulnerable Victorians. 

Why this is important

Social housing aims to provide safe and suitable housing to people on low incomes who are in most need, such as those who have recently experienced homelessness. As of June 2023, there are around 55,800 new applicants who have expressed interest in social housing in Victoria.

In November 2020 the government announced the Big Housing Build (BHB), the state’s largest investment in social and affordable housing projects to date. The 2021–22 Budget allocated $5.3 billion to this project. 

It aims to deliver 9,300 social housing properties – including replacing 1,100 old public housing units and also create 2,900 affordable and private homes. 

What we plan to examine

This is a reasonable assurance performance audit.

This engagement presents an opportunity for VAGO to assess whether and how Homes Victoria is planning for social housing in Victoria and determine whether BHB is being delivered as planned. 

This engagement is part of a series of planned engagements focusing on social housing in Victoria.

Who we plan to examine

DFFH, DTF and Homes Victoria



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