Responses to performance engagement recommendations: annual status update


We plan to assess whether agencies implement our recommendations in a timely manner.

Why this is important

Our performance engagements identify opportunities for public agencies to improve how they work. 

We do this by uncovering risks, weaknesses and poor performance, and by sharing examples of better practice. We then make recommendations to agencies to address areas for improvement.

Audited agencies are not legislatively required to accept, complete or publicly report on our recommendations. As a result, we conduct this annual review to monitor how the agencies we audit address our findings. 

This makes agencies' responses to our recommendations more transparent to Parliament and the community.

What we plan to examine

This is an annual limited assurance review. 

We plan to get updates from agencies on unresolved recommendations, including: 

  • when they plan to address them
  • their current implementation status
  • actions taken to address them. 
Who we plan to examine

Agencies with unresolved recommendations from reports tabled up to 30 June 2023.



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