VAGO's Strategic Plan 2017–2021 (HTML)

As we navigate the digital age, the world is changing rapidly—and the public sector along with it.

This period of change brings new opportunities and challenges. In Victoria, we see the public sector contending with new service delivery models, and we face a marked increase in the education and knowledge of our citizens coupled with a corresponding erosion of trust in government and its institutions. At VAGO, we are acutely aware of the evolving role of integrity agencies.

Along with this external environment, we are also grappling with the impacts of our past performance. We need to rebuild trust and relationships with our staff and work to ensure our long-term sustainability.

Our core job is to support the public sector to improve its performance, and the Parliament of Victoria to hold the public sector to account. This strategic plan outlines my vision for how we will fulfil that role and meet the challenges we and the public sector face in the immediate future.

When we have finished implementing this plan, we will be the model public sector organisation that our position demands and that the Victorian public rightly expect us to be. We will have a measurable impact on the efficient and effective operation of the public sector. We will have stronger, more productive relationships. And most importantly, we will have a workforce whose skills and capability surpass what is required to meet the challenges of today and, instead, anticipate those that will come in the future.

What we ask of you is to hold us to account. If you work for VAGO, tell us when we’re not making your job easier and more fulfilling. If you’re a client agency, tell us how we can best support you and when we’re getting in the way.

To Parliament, we seek your support and views on the priorities for Victorians and how we can best meet your needs as their representatives.

Signature of the Auditor-General, Andrew Greaves

Andrew Greaves
Victorian Auditor-General


Our vision

Better lives for Victorians through our insights and influence

Our purpose

To help the Parliament hold government to account and help the public sector improve its performance



Increase our relevance

Grow our influence

Invest in our people

Lead by example

Our objectives

Be more relevant by delivering credible and authoritative reports and advice about things that matter and will make a difference

Be valued for our independence and more influential because of the unique perspectives we provide

Enable high performance by our people through a supportive culture, professional development and collaboration

Model exemplary performance in everything we do

Our directions

Modernise our auditing methods

Update how we audit to reflect new and emerging technology-enabled practices

Explore our full mandate

Rebalance our audit programs to evenly cover efficiency and effectiveness, governance and compliance

Take a longer-term perspective

Analyse audit results through time to identify what works on complex and interconnecting issues

Strengthen our engagement

Build more productive relationships based on mutual respect and understanding of our respective roles and organisational contexts

Better leverage our access

Use our access to cross-government datasets to provide our clients with new insights they can use

Increase accessibility to our work

Develop new interactive channels with our stakeholders and open up access to our data to allow tailored use to meet specific needs

Be clear about what we stand for

Demonstrate leadership and accountability in how we work and live our values and culture

Invest in excellence

Support our people to harness new and emerging technologies by developing their technical, analytical and people management capabilities

Get the mix right

Ensure our workforce composition builds our capability to position us to meet future business needs

Simplify our business

Eliminate unnecessary internal red tape, and streamline and increase automation of core business processes

Embrace new technology

Invest in cloud technology, implement the best software solutions to integrate our business systems, and share information to improve our practice

Better intelligence to drive decisions

Develop a comprehensive portfolio of service, product and project performance measures

What success looks like

Our audit program effort is targeted across efficiency, effectiveness, economy and compliance

The benefits realised by the public sector show an increased return on investment from our audit work

More of our performance audits originate from requests from Parliament, the public sector and the public

Use of our reports and associated datasets in government service delivery and for parliamentary purposes has increased

Employee engagement has increased

We develop, attract, and retain the talent we need


Workforce productivity has increased

Our internal practices set the benchmark for public sector entities and other audit offices