Additional School Costs for Families Appendix A Victorian School funding explained

Tabled: 11 February 2015


The Victorian school funding model is complex. Under the current model, government schools derive funding from multiple sources for various purposes. The information piece explains where the funding comes from and what it is used for.

Its purpose is to shed light on one of the largest, yet most obscure areas of government funding in Victoria. In doing so, it will increase public awareness of how and why government schools are funded in the way they are. This important contextual information should also inform public debate about how Victoria’s schools are resourced and will serve to increase levels of accountability for the efficient, effective and economical use of this money.

Going forward, it is imperative that the Department of Education and Training builds on this work and provides regular updated information to the community on future school funding arrangements.

This information piece was tabled in Parliament as an appendix to the Additional School Costs for Families report.

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