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Administration of Victorian courts



To determine whether Court Services Victoria provides the necessary administrative services and facilities for Victorian courts to efficiently and effectively perform their functions.


Victorian courts and tribunals aim to deliver justice in a fair, timely and efficient way.

In the past decade, Victoria has experienced a significant increase in demand on the criminal justice system. Court Services Victoria (CSV) predicts that by 2031, the central business district judiciary will see an increase of 26.8 per cent in service demand.

This increase is being driven by factors including bail and sentencing reforms, increased prisoner and remand numbers, the Royal Commission into Family Violence, and the recruitment of 3 000 new police officers.

The legal and managerial issues that judges and magistrates face are also becoming more complex. This is contributing to the need for improved capacity and efficiency in Victorian courts.

The 2018–19 state budget allocated $127 million over four years to respond to the growing demand for court services. This included funding for 18 new magistrates.

To manage growth, court staff require efficient, reliable and secure administrative systems. Inefficient administration can create delays and bottlenecks in the judicial process, which can lower the community’s confidence in the justice system.

CSV is responsible for providing some centralised administrative services, procurement, data warehousing, records management and facilities for Victorian courts, the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal and the Judicial College of Victoria.

This audit will consider if CSV provides effective and efficient administrative services and facilities for Victorian courts to effectively perform their functions.

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