Annual Plan 2018–19

Tabled: 6 June 2018

Acronyms and abbreviations

AMAF Asset Management Accountability Framework
AHV Aboriginal Housing Victoria
CCTV Closed-circuit television
CSV Court Services Victoria
DEDJTR Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources
DELWP Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
DET Department of Education and Training
DHHS Department of Health and Human Services
DJR Department of Justice and Regulation
DPC Department of Premier and Cabinet
DSAPT Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport
DTF Department of Treasury and Finance
EPA Environment Protection Authority
EYM Early Years Management
FGRS Fair Go Rates System
HPFV High-productivity freight vehicles
ICT Information and communications technology
IV Infrastructure Victoria
KCM Kindergarten Cluster Management
LGPRF Local Government Performance Reporting Framework
LGV Local Government Victoria
MAV Municipal Association of Victoria
MBS Medical Benefits Scheme
MCH Maternal and child health
MLP Market-led proposals
MTM Metro Trains Melbourne
NDFA Natural Disaster Financial Assistance
NDRRA Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements
PAEC Public Accounts and Estimates Committee
PVGF Provincial Victoria Growth Fund
PTV Public Transport Victoria
OPV Office of Projects Victoria
RDV Regional Development Victoria
RGG Regional Growth Fund
RJIF Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund
RoPP Right of private practice
RTO Registered training organisations
SCADA Supervisory control and data acquisition
SORA Sex Offenders Registration Act 2004
TAFE Technical and further education
TCP Targeted care packages
TGA Therapeutic Goods Administration
VAGO Victorian Auditor-General's Office
VCAA Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority
VET Vocational education and training
VicTrack Victorian Rail Track
VPDSF Victorian Protective Data Security Framework
VPDSS Victorian Protective Data Security Standards
VPSC Victorian Public Sector Commission
VRGF Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation
VRQA Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority

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