Annual Plan 2018–19

Tabled: 6 June 2018

Financial audit work program

Our financial audit program delivers a range of assurance services for public sector agencies.
Financial audits are conducted in accordance with the Australian Auditing Standards and relevant professional and legislative requirements. Additional information about the delivery of our financial audits can be found in Appendix C.
The following section sets out our financial audit work program for 2018–19, targeting matters that provide the greatest value to Parliament and the Victorian community.

List of types of entities that VAGO audits

Financial audits

Auditor-General's Report on the Annual Financial Report of the State of Victoria: 2018–19

As required under section 16A of the Audit Act 1994, the Auditor-General reports to Parliament on the outcome of the audit of the Annual Financial Report of the State of Victoria each year. This report analyses and provides commentary on key aspects of the financial performance and position of the state. In line with the Audit Act 1994, and where appropriate, it will provide information and recommendations for the more effective and efficient management of public resources. This report is tabled in Parliament during November each year. This will be brought forward to October in 2018, due to the state election. This is the only report on our audits that is required each year under the Audit Act 1994.

Results of 2018–19 Audits

Our Results of Audits reports to Parliament provide information on the outcome of our financial audits of the following sectors:

  • local government
  • public hospitals
  • water entities
  • technical and further education institutes
  • universities.

Each report will provide an analysis of the financial sustainability, performance and position of the sector. Additionally, it will inform Parliament about the strengths and weaknesses in the control environments at entities within the relevant sector and make recommendations to improve these as appropriate.

Our reports on the education sector table in Parliament in May each year. We expect to table our 2018–19 reports on the other sectors in October 2018.

inforgraphic illustrating a summary of FA outputs


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