Collecting state-based tax revenue


We plan to determine whether the Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) and the State Revenue Office (SRO) are optimising the collection of state-based taxation revenue.

Why this is important

DTF predicts the state’s financial position for the following year. It forecasted approximately $26.5 billion in tax revenue would be collected in 2021-22. The revenue funds government spending on hospitals, schools, transport, and other infrastructure.

SRO collects most of the state’s tax revenue. It must maximise the revenue it collects by ensuring that taxpayers pay the correct tax when it is due. It must also ensure that it minimises the costs of its tax collection. 

What we plan to examine

In this reasonable assurance performance audit, we will focus on whether SRO is effectively collecting the revenue that is due to the state. We will consider whether SRO has met its performance target, being a percentage of DTF’s revenue forecast and any actions SRO has taken to address any tax gaps. We will also determine whether SRO is maximising front-end compliance for taxpayers and whether its internal processes are efficient. 

We have included SRO and DTF in this engagement.



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