The effectiveness of Victoria Police’s staff allocation



To determine if Victoria Police understands its staffing needs and uses this to make resource allocation decisions that are aligned to its strategic objectives.


Victoria Police’s 2016 blue paper A Vision for Victoria Police in 2025 recognised that its operational model would not meet expected population growth and changing patterns of demand. This is because the geographic distribution of staff had been matched to population size, rather than other factors such as crime rates or the need for policing activity.

In response, Victoria Police developed a new Staff Allocation Model (SAM), which is designed to strategically assign staff to a mix of proactive and reactive operations and better allocate core staffing funds to best meet need.

In December 2016, the government announced a $2 billion investment package to improve community safety over four years. The Community Safety Statement, which was last updated in 2019–20, provided for an additional 3 135 police officers, including 2 729 new sworn officers. In May 2021, Victoria Police announced that it will complete the full deployment of the new sworn officers by May 2022. This is the largest recruitment investment in Victoria Police’s 166-year history. Further significant investments have been made through the Public Safety Package. To achieve the maximum benefit from these investments, it is critical that Victoria Police deploys these officers strategically to areas with the greatest needs. 

This audit will assess Victoria Police’s SAM and the evidence base Victoria Police uses to understand and deploy police resources to best meet its strategic objectives.

Proposed agency

Victoria Police.

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