Follow-up of Management of the Student Resource Package


We plan to determine whether the Department of Education has effectively addressed the recommendations from our 2020 audit Management of the Student Resource Package.

Why this is important

Government schools receive funding from DE through the Student Resource Package. 

DE will distribute over $8.4 billion to schools through this package in 2023. 

In our 2020 engagement we made 7 recommendations to DE about: 

  • improving how it governs, manages and allocates the resource package
  • basing its decisions about allocating funding on up-to-date data and information.

DE accepted all our recommendations. It originally planned to implement them by December 2020. 

But in December 2021 DE told us that it had not fully implemented 2 recommendations about reviewing: 

  • the package against its objectives
  • the basis of the package's core student learning funding.

DE told us it expected to complete these recommendations in December 2022. 

What we plan to examine

This is a limited assurance review. 

We will assess DE's progress in implementing these recommendations. We will also examine DE's actions and why there was a delay.

Who we plan to examine




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