Follow-up of Managing the Level Crossing Removal Program



To assess whether DoT (formerly the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources) and the Major Transport Infrastructure Authority (formerly the Level Crossing Removal Authority) have effectively implemented the recommendations made in our Managing the Level Crossing Removal Program audit (December 2017) and addressed the underlying issues that led to the recommendations being made. 


We ask agencies each year to attest to their progress in responding to and monitoring recommendations from previous performance audits. Using these attestations and other sources of intelligence, we then select past performance audits to follow-up.

The follow-up performance audits are limited to the review of the recommendations made by the Auditor-General to the selected agencies, including whether and how effectively:

  • agencies have responded to the performance audit recommendations
  • the actions taken have addressed the root issue that led to each recommendation.
Proposed agencies

DoT (including Major Transport Infrastructure Authority).

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