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Integrated transport planning



To determine whether the Department of Transport (DoT) is demonstrably integrating its transport planning.


Challenges associated with Victoria’s sustained strong population growth and increasing congestion in metropolitan Melbourne mean an integrated transport system is more important than ever for the state’s economic prosperity and liveability. The Transport Integration Act 2010 (the Act) charges DoT with delivering an integrated transport system, which necessitates leading the planning, coordination and operation of Victoria’s transport system and agencies.The transport system objectives set out in the Act include effective integration of transport and land use to facilitate access to social and economic opportunities. 

The Act requires DoT’s secretary to develop and regularly update a transport plan that demonstrates an integrated approach to transport and land-use planning. DoT has communicated its purpose to unify transport planning across modes, taking a system view to make services focus more on users. 
From 1 July 2019, the former VicRoads and Public Transport Victoria became part of DoT, creating an integrated transport department. 

This audit will examine DoT’s progress in delivering an integrated transport plan and system-wide approach, as required by the Act.

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