Managing and enforcing infringements



To determine whether the rollout of the new infringement system was effective and cost-efficient.


The infringements system provides an efficient way of dealing with situations where a person may have committed an offence, but the nature of the offence and the level of the penalty do not warrant the involvement of a judge. An infringement notice generally requires payment of a fine, but may also attract other penalties, such as demerit points in the case of traffic offences.  

In 2017, Fines Victoria commenced operating as the single administrative model for the collection and enforcement of infringements and court fines. The Fines Reform Amendment Act 2017 introduced new requirements for Fines Victoria. To achieve these, Fines Victoria restructured and procured a new information technology system.

The rollout of the system is incomplete and difficulties with implementation, and tight timeframes for delivery, have caused a significant fall in the clearance rate of infringements within 180 days and backlogs in processing requests. There has been a $60 million revenue shortfall as a result of issues, including delays in enforcing fines.

This audit will consider whether the rollout of the new infringement system was effective and cost-efficient. 

Proposed agencies

Department of Justice and Community Safety (DJCS),including Fines Victoria.

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