Managing Support and Safety Hubs



To determine whether Department of Health and Human Services's (DHHS) Support and Safety Hubs are providing effective and efficient service coordination for women and families.


Family violence has been a major issue in Victoria. The Royal Commission into Family Violence and the government's Roadmap to Reform recommended that Victoria introduce Support and Safety Hubs in a bid to prevent and respond to family violence in Victoria, and help women and children experiencing family violence. In response to the commission's recommendation, DHHS established Support and Safety Hubs. The aim of the hubs is to connect people directly to services and provide a coordinated response to a range of different needs identified through risk and needs assessments. This includes a role in providing an entry point to services for perpetrators.

Victoria is making a significant investment in these hubs, with $448 million committed over four years from 2017–18 to establish 17 Support and Safety Hubs statewide by 2021. It will be important that the hubs achieve intended outcomes.

This audit will examine how Support and Safety Hubs are operating and whether they have been effective in addressing family violence issues in Victoria.

Proposed agencies

DHHS (including Family Safety Victoria).

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