Metro Tunnel Project: phase 3 – systems integration, testing and commissioning


We plan to determine whether the Metro Tunnel Project’s systems integration, testing and commissioning activities are proceeding effectively.

Why this is important

The $12.5 billion Metro Tunnel Project is building twin 9 km rail tunnels through the central city area and 5 new underground stations. Tunnelling is now complete and station construction is well advanced. 

The next phases of the project will continue to be risky and complex. Future work includes: 

  • rail systems installation
  • testing trains in the new tunnels
  • integration of signalling and communications systems
  • final fit-out and commissioning of all building management and safety systems.

Systems integration, testing and commissioning requires close cooperation and efficient coordination of multiple contractors that are concurrently installing various technology systems. Delays or test failures in one system could cause cascading delays through other subsystems and therefore delay the Metro Tunnel's opening date. 

Remedies for unexpected technological issues will likely have a time and cost impact for the state.

Train testing in the tunnels is currently scheduled to begin in mid-2023. The government has announced that the project is due to open in 2025.

What and who we plan to examine

This is a reasonable assurance engagement.

We plan to examine DTP, Major Transport Infrastructure Authority (including Rail Projects Victoria) and VicTrack as well as the associated entities: 

  • building the tunnels and stations (Cross Yarra Partnership) 
  • delivering the signalling and rail systems as members of the Rail Network Alliance (AECOM Australia Pty Ltd, Alstom, CPB Contractors, John Holland Group and Metro Trains Melbourne).


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