Professional learning for school teachers

Expected to be tabled in February 2019


Objective To determine whether professional learning for school teachers leads to ongoing improvements in teaching practice.

Issues Teachers are the greatest resource in Victorian schools—they account for the majority of expenditure and have a significant impact on student learning. Effective teachers can increase student engagement and achievement. They also play an important role in establishing productive and supportive school environments.

Professional learning has a key role in building an effective, capable and high-quality teaching profession. A strong evidence base underpins the elements needed for effective teacher professional learning. High-performing education systems allow teachers to spend adequate time engaging in professional learning—they factor teacher professional learning into continual school improvements, such as collaborative practices and learning communities. High-performing education systems also recognise and reward accomplished teachers who excel in their teaching practice.

In Victoria, different factors influence approaches to professional learning for teachers, including the curriculum, performance and development processes, requirements for teacher registration and the Australian professional standards for teachers. The Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) requires teachers to undertake a minimum of 20 hours of professional development each year to renew their registration. The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) is responsible for developing the curriculum used by Victorian schools. Schools require teachers to have a performance and development plan that includes professional learning.

This audit will examine how the system for teacher professional learning is organised, whether teacher professional learning assists teachers to deliver curriculum, and the extent to which teacher registration requirements contribute to ongoing improvements in teaching practice.

Proposed agencies DET, VIT, VCAA and a selection of schools.

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