Reporting on Local Government Performance

Tabled: 23 May 2019


Relevant and reliable performance information is essential to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of council services and decision-making.

In this audit we assessed if the Local Government Performance Reporting Framework (LGPRF) communicates performance information that is relevant, timely, accurate and easy to understand for councils and the community. We also examined how councils use the LGPRF to improve their performance and if councils’ other performance activities, such as reporting on strategic objectives and benchmarking are effective.

We audited how the following five councils collect, report and use LGPRF data—Moonee Valley City Council, City of Casey, Horsham Rural City Council, Baw Baw Shire Council and the Borough of Queenscliffe.

We also examined the role of Local Government Victoria—part of the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning—in developing the LGPRF and providing ongoing support and guidance to councils.

We made 11 recommendation in total—five to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and six to councils.

Interactive dashboard

We have also published a data dashboard which enables councils to compare performance on the nine service areas reported in the LGPRF. The dashboard provides useful performance information—councils and the public can see how their performance compares with that of all 79 councils in Victoria.

Data dashboard

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