2. Is the Metro Tunnel Project progressing as planned?


The tunnels and stations main works are currently progressing as planned and RPV and CYP’s systems for monitoring and achieving project requirements are effective. 

However, the overall project is facing time and cost pressures and RPV has allocated almost all its MTP contingency funds. RPV has also descoped some MTP signalling works and wider network enhancements. RPV also needs to formalise agreements with precinct stakeholders to implement EMI mitigations before train testing starts in June 2023. 

1. Audit context

The Metro Tunnel Project (MTP) is a $12.58 billion investment in Melbourne's passenger rail system. RPV is delivering the project. This report focuses on the main works package, which includes the twin tunnels, 5 new underground stations and other relevant construction.

CYP is delivering the design and construction of the tunnels and stations works package under a public–private partnership (PPP) contract signed with the state in December 2017 for $5.08 billion. The amended contract signed in December 2020 resulted in the state committing to pay up to an extra $1.37 billion.

1. About our annual plan

The Auditor-General provides independent assurance to the Parliament of Victoria and the Victorian community about the financial integrity and performance of the state and local governments, with assistance from the Victorian Auditor-General's Office (VAGO).

Our work program

Under the Audit Act 1994, the Auditor-General must prepare and table an annual plan before 30 June each year that details VAGO's proposed work program for the coming financial year.

Annual Plan 2022–23

This annual plan sets out our proposed work program for the 2022–23 financial year.