Responses to Performance Audit Recommendations 2015–16 to 2017–18

In our first Assurance Review, we looked at how public entities monitored and responded to performance audit recommendations made by VAGO between 2015-16 and 2017-18.

Nothing has come to our attention to indicate that overall, agencies are not effectively implementing past performance audit recommendations.

Most agencies report having governance arrangements that allow their senior management and audit committees to monitor progress in implementing our audit recommendations.

Victoria's Homelessness Response

This audit examined if the Department of Health and Human Services reduced the incidence and impacts of rough sleeping through the Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Action Plan.

Appendix D. HRSAP client case studies

During interviews, audited entity staff provided examples of the work they have done with clients and later supplied supporting evidence such as file notes. We have de identified these examples.

Haven case examples

FIGURE D1: Complex rough sleeper moving through HRSAP programs

'Sydney' is a 39-year-old with substance abuse issues. 

Police notified Haven when they found Sydney living in their car and in a distressed state.