1. Audit context

Sexual harassment in the workplace is unlawful and can have significant negative effects on individuals and their employers. In some cases, sexual harassment is also a criminal offence.

The AHRC National Survey 2018 showed that sexual harassment is common in Australian workplaces. One in three people reported being sexually harassed at work in the past five years.

Appendix A. Submissions and comments

We have consulted with CFA, DELWP, East Gippsland, EMV, ESV, PV, Murrindindi and Whittlesea, and we considered their views when reaching our audit conclusions. As required by the Audit Act 1994, we gave a draft copy of this report, or relevant extracts, to those agencies and asked for their submissions and comments. 

Responsibility for the accuracy, fairness and balance of those comments rests solely with the agency head.

4. Land-use planning

Victoria’s bushfire history shows a strong link between property loss and loss of life. For this reason, planning and building controls play a key role in reducing bushfire risk by controlling where people can live and the construction standards they build to.