Annual Plan 2019–20

Tabled: 27 June 2019

Performance audit work program 2019–2022

Central Agencies and Whole of Government
Environment and Planning
Health and Human Services
Infrastructure and Transport
Justice and Community Safety
Local Government and Economic Development


Personnel security: Due diligence over public sector employees

Sexual harassment in the Victorian public sector*

Use of contractors and consultants in the Victorian public sector

Early years management in Victorian sessional kindergartens

Management of the Student Resource Package

Systems and support for principal performance

Managing native vegetation clearing*

Reducing bushfire risks*

Supporting communities through development and infrastructure contributions*

Clinical governance

Efficiency and economy of Victoria’s public hospitals

Managing Support and Safety Hubs

Victoria’s homelessness response

Follow up of Access to public dental services in Victoria*


Accessibility of tram services

Freight outcomes from regional rail upgrades*

Safety on Victoria’s roads—regional road barriers*

Managing and enforcing infringements

Ravenhall prison: Rehabilitating and reintegrating prisoners*

Follow up of Regulating gambling and liquor*

Council libraries*

Rehabilitating mines


Cyber resilience in the Victorian public sector

Fraud control over grants in local government

Service Victoria: Digital delivery of government services

ICT provisioning in schools

Student attendance in Victorian government schools

Supporting workers in transitioning industries

Conserving threatened species

Implementing Plan Melbourne 2017–50

Meeting Victoria’s renewable energy targets

Water authorities’ contributions to reducing greenhouse gas emissions


Clinical trials in public hospitals

Health and wellbeing of the medical workforce

Supporting sexual and reproductive health

Managing railway assets across metropolitan Melbourne

Melbourne Metro Tunnel project (Phase 2: main works)

Planning and management of metropolitan bus services

Administration of Victorian courts

Disability services in corrections

Reducing the harm caused by gambling

Council waste management services

Maintaining local roads


Fraud and corruption control—Victorian Secretaries’ Board initiatives

Measuring and reporting on Victorian public sector performance

Outcomes for Aboriginal Victorians: Community housing

Revenue management


Delivery of the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning

Effectiveness of the Navigator Program

Domestic building regulation and dispute resolution

Electronic-waste ban

Supply and use of alternative urban water sources

Aboriginal health outcomes

Effectiveness of the Enhanced Maternal and Child Health Program

Managing drug and alcohol rehabilitation services

Management of non-clinical services in health services


Integrated transport planning

Major infrastructure program delivery capability

Rolling stock fleet sustainability

Corrections data

Reducing the harm caused by alcohol and drugs on Victorian roads

Wellbeing in emergency services

Agricultural productivity and digital technologies

Developing Fishermans Bend

Parks and open space management

*Audit commenced
Note: 2–3 follow-up audits yet to be added to each year of the program.

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