Crime Data

Tabled: 5 September 2018

Acronyms and abbreviations

ABS Australian Bureau of Statistics
ANZSOC Australian and New Zealand Standard Offence Classification
BP3 Victorian Budget Paper 3: Service Delivery
CompStat Compare Statistics
CSA Crime Statistics Agency
CSU Corporate Statistics Unit
DJR Department of Justice and Regulation
DQU Data Quality Unit
ePDR Electronic Patrol Duty Return
ERP estimated resident population
ESTA Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority
IT information technology
ITGC information technology general control
LEAP Law Enforcement Assistance Program
LEDR Mk2 LEAP Electronic Data Recorder Mark 2
MDT mobile data terminal
MNI Master Name Index
NCRS National Crime Recording Standard
NOI National Offence Index
OLR Online Reporting
OPI Office of Police Integrity
PAL Police Assistance Line
PSA police service area
RSD Records Services Division
SOCIT Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Investigation Team
VAGO Victorian Auditor-General's Office
VPM Victoria Police Manual
WIR Workplace Inspection Report

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