Fair presentation of service delivery performance 2024


Why this is important

The Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) delivers Budget Paper No. 3: Service Delivery (BP3) in May each year. 

BP3 outlines the Victorian Government’s priorities for the goods and services (outputs) it will provide to Victorians. The departmental performance statements in BP3 set the expectations for service delivery through specifying performance measures and targets that departments intend to meet. 

Parliament and the community are interested in the fair presentation of service delivery performance and the accuracy of the reported results. Departmental performance statements must provide an accessible understanding of a department's performance. 

Our reviews, however, continue to find significant and persistent weaknesses in departments’ performance reporting. This weakens the transparency and reliability of reported information. In this review, we will explore whether new measures provide an accessible understanding of a department’s output performance. We will also explore how:

  • performance measures and targets are developed
  • departments report changes to their performance information
  • departments use performance information to manage their performance.
What we plan to examine

We plan to examine whether departments fairly present their service delivery performance.

Who we plan to examine

All departments, with DTF as our agency in focus.



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